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AVAILABLE SIZES: XL (20-22cm), L (17-19cm), M (15-17cm)


Let’s Pawty chew sticks are made out of a natural coffee tree wood. It is a mix between a chew and a toy, their durable & digestible consistency helps make them a long-lasting chew. They don’t contain any traces of animal or artificial ingredients, calories, caffeine or sugar. They are also suitable for dogs that have allergies or are overweight. Coffee tree wood is harder than wood from local forests. We guarantee that your dog will enjoy chewing the stick for a very long time. The chew stick strengthens the dental muscles and promotes the natural cleaning of teeth. The fine wood fibres serve as a toothbrush. Only fine wood fibres come off from our chew sticks. The dog can swallow and digest them without any problem. The recycling of residual wood which would otherwise be disposed of as garbage fully utilises the lifecycle of the coffee trees and protects natural landscapes from being cleared.


Let’s Pawty 越南咖啡木狗狗啃咬玩具,耐咬磨牙解壓並回歸自然的木製玩具,此咖啡木是以越南高山的咖啡農場利用回收剩餘的木材 充分利用了咖啡樹的生命週期並非肆意砍伐,咖啡木啃咬玩具是天然咖啡樹木乾燥後處理而成,沒有任何化學物質/卡路里/咖啡因或糖的痕跡,所有的咖啡樹砍伐後並在陽光下曬乾數月,在大自然的陽光下,水分被去除和消毒,然後剝掉乾燥的木頭並再次乾燥,由於是天然的,尺寸和形狀都不均勻。





使用注意事項: 1. 咖啡木在咀嚼的時候會有木纖維掉落 狗狗可以吞嚥並消化它們,木碎屑若不小心食用,會隨著糞便排出。 2.若有髒汙,請用清水洗淨並完全乾燥後再給狗狗使用。 3.請勿用於玩具用途以外之目的。 4.使用時請飼主在旁監看,若太短會有吞食風險請先將其收起來。 5.建議啃咬時間10-15分鐘。

Let's Pawty Natural Coffee Wood dog chew stick 天然潔齒咖啡木

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