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LP Lamb Pizzle Twists are a 100% natural, healthy and completely irresistible treat for your dog. 
They are braided and simply air-dried to lock in all of natural flavours and goodness. These healthy treats are a natural hypoallergenic dental chew and the braided texture helps to promote healthy teeth and gums and keeps your four-legged friend entertained. Lamb pizzles are softer than beef pizzles, therefore are perfect for dogs of all ages including older dogs.


LP的羊鞭扭扭條都是100%天然製成的,健康且對令愛犬完全無法抗拒的零食。它們經過編織並簡單地風乾以鎖住所有天然風味和優點,並且絕對沒有添加任何添加劑、調味劑、防腐劑或任何其他物質。 這些健康零食是一種天然的低過敏性咀嚼狗小食,編織質地有助於促進牙齒和牙齦健康,羊鞭比牛鞭更柔軟,因此非常適合所有年齡段的狗,包括年長的狗。

Let's Pawty Lamb Pizzle Twists 英國羊鞭扭扭條 2pc

  • Nutritional Analysis (per 100g):
    Moisture 7.31%
    Crude Protein 76.91%
    Ash 4.71%
    Fat 11.07% 

    Ingredients :Lamb Pizzle 100%
    Manufactured in UK

    Remarks: Since the product does not have any preservative treatment and chemical additives during the air-drying process, it completely maintains the natural fresh meat quality. After air-drying, the odor of dried meat will be stronger (especially for visceral products), which is normal.

    Store in a cool, dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight. Consume within 6 months after opening. Always supervise your pet when feeding.

    營養分析 (per 100g):


    成分:羊鞭 100%

    天然原材料 : 英國製造


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