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Let’s Pawty Nepalese Chhurpi - Handcrafted Yak Cheese Dog Puffs from Free Range Himalayan Yak. 


These all-natural puffs are made from the milk from yaks and cows, as well as salt and lime, following a long-used Nepalese recipe. The milk turns into a soft cheese that is then kneaded and sun-dried, becoming the paw-fectly hard texture that your dog craves. And chewing is shown to improve your dog’s dental health—salivating acts as a natural defense against gum disease while the calcium content is great for strong teeth and bones. These tasty puffs are an ideal choice if your woofer has a sensitive stomach or allergies to typical treats.

Key Benefits

•100% All-Natural - Long-lasting, protein rich, easily digestible
•100% All-Natural - Contains only yak and cow milk, salt and lime juice
•Easily Digestible - Grain, gluten, lactose free with no binding agents
•Eco-friendly - Organically handmade from free range grass-fed Yak and cow.
•Long-Lasting; Minimum 4 year shelf life
•Great for dog's oral and mental health - protein-rich and low in fat. 
•Low odor - won’t stain most carpets or fabrics.

Please provide plenty of fresh water when giving any chew or treat. To prevent injury and choking hazard, please watch your pet while they enjoy this treat. If this product splinters or develops sharp edges, throw it away immediately for your pet's safety.


Let’s Pawty 尼泊爾 Chhurpi - 100% 純手工天然氂牛芝士泡芙,來自喜馬拉雅山放養氂牛。芝士泡芙採用尼泊爾當地游牧民族傳統古法製作而成,富含鈣質與蛋白質 純手工製造,只添加少許青檸汁及鹽使其凝固,經過日曬及煙燻製成,每一塊的重量、顏色、形狀、風味都會略有差異,可說是獨一無二。其營養價值非常高,能提供狗狗10種必需胺基酸中的8種,富含鈣質與有最低60%的蛋白質成份及低於1%的脂肪,不含麩質,為人類食用等級食品。



氂牛芝士泡芙較硬,狗狗食用時,請主人在旁注意,以免狗狗猛力啃咬造成口腔損害或者意外吞食,牙口不好的狗狗請切小塊後食用。 芝士潔齒骨因為經過煙燻製程,所以表面會有些微較深的煙燻色,屬正常情況。

Let's Pawty Himalayan Chhurpi yak cheese puffs

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