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LP Turkey Bites, a fantastic quality product without the use of any preservative/additive/sweetener. Turkey is a protein-rich food which is important for muscle growth and maintenance. It gives structure to cells and helps transport nutrients around the body. Turkey is also loaded with B vitamins, selenium, zinc, and phosphorus. It supports your pet’s cardiovascular health and immune system


LP火雞小食完全不含防腐劑/添加劑/甜味劑的優質天然產品,火雞肉低脂低卡高蛋白,窈窕體態養成,它不單提供鐵,鋅,鉀,磷,維他命B6及菸酸等營養的天然來源。 也含有豐富及極容易消化的優質蛋白質,火雞中的胺基酸也幫助毛孩增强肌肉發展。

Let's Pawty FREEZE DRIED TURKEY BITES 全天然凍乾火雞丁 80g

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  • Nutritional Analysis  (per 100g):

    Metabolisable Energy    389 Kcal

    Crude Fat     8%

    Crude Protein     75%

    Crude Fibre     1%

    Moisture    5%

    Ingredients :100% Turkey

    Manufactured in Taiwan


    天然原材料 : 台灣製造

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