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LP Capelin, a fantastic quality product without the use of any preservative/additive/sweetener. The greatest charm of Capelin is that they are rich in DHA, iron, vitamin B2, vitamin E and calcium, which helps to develop bones and build a strong body. The fish roe also contains the microelement that the skin needs, mineral salt, protein, conduce to hair soft and bright. 


LP 柳葉魚入口即化,將整隻魚極速冷凍乾燥,連骨頭都變蓬鬆,魚卵味道豐富越嚼越香及適口性佳。雌魚有豐富魚卵,優質蛋白含量高有助維持肌肉量,更富含DHA 鐵、鈣、維生素B2、維生素E等營養價值高。

Let's Pawty FREEZE DRIED RAW CAPELIN 全天然凍乾爆蛋柳葉魚 60g

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  • Nutritional Analysis  (per 100g):

    Crude Fat     12.5%

    Crude Protein     72%

    Crude Ash     11.8%

    Crude Fibre     0%

    Moisture    3.6%

    Ingredients :100% Capelin

    Manufactured in Taiwan


    天然原材料 : 台灣製造

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