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LP Veal Tendons Scrolls are beefed up with Vitamin B to help support a super-powered metabolism. They are loaded with glucosamine to help maintain healthy joints and ease achy beaky joints. Free from additives and nasties, Veal Tendons are the beefy treat your doggo dreams of sinking their teeth into.


LP小牛筋卷富含維生素 B,有助於支持新陳代謝,並且富含葡萄糖胺,有助於維持關節健康並緩解關節疼痛。 小牛腱不含任何添加劑和有害物質,這使得小牛筋卷成為極好的咀嚼狗小食。

Let's Pawty AIR DRIED RAW VEAL TENDON SCROLLS 澳洲全天然風乾小牛筋卷 100g

庫存單位: LPAD_BF_VT
  • Nutritional Analysis (per 100g):

    Crude Fat     25.49%
    Crude Protein     61.96%
    Crude Ash     5.94%
    Moisture    6.5%

    Ingredients :100% Veal Tendon
    Product of Australia: Manufactured in Australia

    Remarks: Since the product does not have any preservative treatment and chemical additives during the air-drying process, it completely maintains the natural fresh meat quality. After air-drying, the odor of dried meat will be stronger (especially for visceral products), which is normal.

    Store in a cool, dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight. Consume within 6 months after opening. Always supervise your pet when feeding.

    成分:100% 澳洲小牛筋

    澳洲天然原材料 : 澳洲製造

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