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LP Lamb Liver treats made from 100% Australian Lamb. It is an all natural, single ingredient product containing no preservatives, no additives and no added sugar. The perfect treat for pets with skin or dietary allergies. This dehydration process locks in the maximum amounts of nutrients needed in your pet diet. They can be broken up into smaller pieces or given as is, making them a perfect training treat or a quick snack. Cut up manually by hand so shape and size may vary. In addition, the liver is the perfect treat for Puppies as it contains many different vitamins and minerals.


LP羊肝片零食由 100% 澳洲羊製成,純天然、單一成分的產品,不含防腐劑、添加劑和添加糖。 非常適合對皮膚或飲食過敏的寵物, 這種風乾脫水的製作過程可以鎖定寵物飲食中所需的最大營養量。 羊肝片可隨喜好分成小塊或原塊作為訓練零食,由於手工切割,產品形狀和大小可能會有所不同。 此外,肝臟是小狗的完美食物,因為它含有許多不同的維生素和礦物質。

Let's Pawty -AIR DRIED RAW LAMB LIVER 澳洲全天然風乾羊肝片 100g

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  • Crude Fat     8% (min)

    Crude Protein     70% (min)

    Crude Fibre     0.6% (min)


    Ingredients :100% Lamb liver

    Product of Australia: Manufactured in Australia

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