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LP Whiting Fillets are a natural and healthy treat for your best friend. They will love the taste and the major health benefits. As with all of our fish pet treats, they are rich in protein. As well as omega 3 for healthy skin, coat, and joints, reducing inflammation. Made only from Australian Whiting with no other nasty ingredients.


LP白魚魚柳是給毛孩最好的天然健康美食,他們會喜歡它的味道和主要的健康益處。 與我們所有的魚類寵物零食一樣,它們富含蛋白質以及 Omega 3,有助於健康的皮膚、皮毛和關節及減少炎症,而且僅由澳洲白魚製成,不含其他有害成分。

Let's Pawty AIR DRIED RAW WHITE FISH FILLETS 澳洲全天然風乾白魚魚柳 100g

庫存單位: LPAD_FH_HO
  • Nutritional Analysis (per 100g):
    Moisture 14.5g Mono unsaturated fat 0.8g
    Fat fat 4.1g Poly unsaturated fat Polyunsaturated fat 1.7g
    Protein (TN x 6.25) 80.8g Trans fat <0.1g
    Ash 5.6g Sodium 460mg
    Energy value Energy value 1560kJ Total sugars Total sugars <0.1g
    Total carbohydrate Total carbohydrate (m/m) <0.1g Dietary fiber (AOAC) Dietary fiber 3.9g
    Saturated fat 1.6g

    Ingredients :100% Australian White Fish meat
    Product of Australia: Manufactured in Australia

    成分:100% 澳洲白魚
    澳洲天然原材料 : 澳洲製造

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