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LP Goat Jerky are 100% Australian Goat Meat, containing no preservatives, additives and no added sugar. Simply the result of a completely natural treat after dehydration. They are thin pieces of Goat meat. They come in various sizes from small broken pieces to bigger sheets. Goat is a fantastic alternative for dogs with allergies or dogs that get upset stomachs easily. Goat is nice and light and hypo-allergenic. You may see visible fat on this product but please keep in mind that this is natural fat which is a part of the natural product.


LP 山羊肉乾是100% 由澳洲山羊肉製成,不含任何防腐劑、添加劑和添加糖,只是把鮮肉簡單經過風乾過程製造。 山羊肉乾薄片會有不同尺寸,從小碎片到大片。 由於山羊肉屬於低過敏性,對於容易過敏或胃部不適的狗狗來說是一個很好的選擇。由於是天然產品製造,在產品上可見看到山羊的脂肪,這都是天然脂肪。

Let's Pawty - AIR DRIED RAW GOAT JERKY 澳洲全天然風乾山羊肉乾 100g

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  • Metabolisable Energy    406 Kcal

    Minimum Protein    64.9g

    Minimum Fat    22.7g


    Ingredients :100% Goat meat

    Product of Australia: Manufactured in Australia

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