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LP Chicken Breast  Treats a fantastic quality Australian chicken breast product without the use of a glycerine preservative/additive/sweetener. Therefore these fillets are harder and dryer slices of whole breast tenders. The quality chicken breast tenders we use is high in vitamins and nutrients with no added sugar or colours. They are rich in protein, and low in fat, and will help keep your pet strong. The chicken breast fillet treats are thinly pressed and easy to break up.


LP雞胸肉完全不含甘油防腐劑/添加劑/甜味劑的優質澳洲天然雞胸肉產品,這些肉片會是比較硬和乾燥的切片。 使用的優質雞胸肉含豐富維生素和營養成分,不添任何加糖或色素,它們富含蛋白質,脂肪含量低,有助於毛孩保持強壯。

Let's Pawty - AIR DRIED RAW CHICKEN BREAST TENDERS 澳洲全天然風乾雞胸肉乾 100g

庫存單位: LPAD_CH_BT
  • Minimum Protein %    71

    Minimum Fat %    8.5


    Ingredients 成分:100% Chicken Breast

    Product of Australia: Manufactured in Australia

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