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LP Beef Jerky Treats contain only dried beef meat that is 100% Australian and natural. They are high in Protein, Amino Acids, Vitamin and a chewy treat that will improve their dental health and reduce tartar build up. Being a Beef Treat most dogs won’t be allergic to it – low in allergens and no preservatives or sugar. Above all, having plenty of meat is essential for a dog’s diet. 



LP 牛肉乾零食由100% 澳洲全天然牛肉製成,富含蛋白質、氨基酸和維生素,耐嚼食物亦可以改善牙齒健康並減少牙垢堆積。 由於牛肉過敏原含量低並不含防腐劑或糖,作為零食大多數狗不會對它過敏,最重要的是有足夠的肉對狗的飲食是非常重要。 因此,如果需要在狗的飲食中添加更多肉類,除了日常膳食之外,牛肉乾就是最佳選擇。

Let's Pawty AIR DRIED RAW BEEF JERKY STRIPS 澳洲全天然風乾牛肉乾 80g

  • Nutritional Analysis (per 100g):

    Metabolisable Energy417 Kcal

    Minimum Protein 51%

    Minimum Fat 18%

    Ingredients :100% Beef meat

    Product of Australia: Manufactured in Australia

    Remarks: Since the product does not have any preservative treatment and chemical additives during the air-drying process, it completely maintains the natural fresh meat quality. After air-drying, the odor of dried meat will be stronger (especially for visceral products), which is normal.

    Store in a cool, dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight. Consume within 6 months after opening. Always supervise your pet when feeding.

    成分:100% 澳洲牛肉

    澳洲天然原材料 : 澳洲製造

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