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  • Pet caves are 100% woolen and handmade in Nepal by women artisan
  • Made of 100% Organic New Zealand sheep wool
  • Echo-friendly, completely free from harsh chemicals and synthetics
  • Spacious large hideout for all size cats from kittens to big cats or small dogs
  • Pet cave is felted from a dense layer of wool which makes it ultra-durable, yet lightweight and portable
  • Sahpe maintence – use a steamer to restore the cave’s shape
  • Light clean – use a vacuum clear or lint roller to remove debris and hair
  • Deep clean – hand wash in cold water with soap stuff with a towel and air dry only
  • All products are handmade and there may be slight variations in color and size


Caméléon 純手工製作寵物蛋蛋窩- 100% 有機羊毛氈(直徑 50cm)

  • 寵物蛋蛋窩來自尼泊爾細緻的純手工以及純淨羊毛濕氈工法製成
  • 100% 紐西蘭有機羊毛製造
  • 安全環保完全不含刺激性化學物質和合成物
  • 寬敞的大藏身空間,適合從小貓到大貓等各種尺寸的貓以及小型迷你犬
  • 寵物蛋蛋窩採用高密度羊毛氈製成,使其超耐用,重量輕且便於攜帶
  • 保持形狀 只需要利用直立式蒸汽燙斗便可使形狀恢復
  • 一般清潔 表面上的灰塵及毛髮可以使用吸塵機或滾筒黏黏貼
  • 深層清潔 清洗時可加入羊毛專用洗衣液先泡在水裡,較髒的地方稍微用力戳洗即可,清洗方式僅限冷水及手洗
  • 產品均為手工縫製,外觀與尺寸有輕微誤差屬正常現象

Caméléon handmade pet cave - 100% organic wool felt (Dia 50cm)

HK$420.00 一般價格
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